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We have some fantastic new photographs for our website. They are from the wonderful photographer Tory McTernan. The photos were taken for the article in Crumbs magazine. The magazine is available now for you to read. I will publish a link to the article once it is available online in the next couple of weeks. The photos were taken for a dinner party in Yeovil for a wonderful couple and their friends.

Tory McTernan, a food and interiors photographer, who is based in Somerset. Her photographs have been used for websites, posters, cookbooks, magazines and in many other ways. To find out more about Tory visit her website

Menu for dinner party in Yeovil

The menu for the evening at the dinner party in Yeovil was.


Melba toast topped with citrus cured salmon, crème fraiche and fennel.


Thyme crackers with goats cheese and red pepper puree.

Cocktail: Pear Bellini- Pear puree with prosecco.


Duck breast with spiced elderberry sauce, beetroot, pickled blackberries and coriander oil.

Cocktail: Clementine fizz- fresh clementine juice, vodka, soda water, star anise, cinnamon stick.


Pork belly with cannellini bean puree, thyme and honey roasted carrots, pomme Anna Brussel sprout leaves and cider sauce.

Cocktail: Hedgerow- Gin, soda water, blueberries, rosemary, juniper berries.


Caramel chocolate fondant with chocolate sauce, salted popcorn and malt ice cream.

Cocktail: Classic white Russian: Vodka, coffee liqueur and cream.

Petit Four

Cranberry and pistachio nougat.

Cocktail: Coffee with chocolate liqueur.

Dinner Party in Yeovil Dinner party in Yeovil Dinner Party in Yeovil Dinner Party in Yeovil Dinner party in Yeovil Dinner party in Yeovil Dinner Party in Yeovil Dinner party in Yeovil