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About Dorset Blue Vinny

Today I got to try the incredible Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese made at Woodbridge Farm In Sturminster Newton. Woodbridge Farm is run by Richard Davies and his family. They have looked after the farm for over 40 years. This is where they resurrected a 300 year old recipe for the Blue Vinny. As a caterer in Sturminster Newton it is great to have such as great local produce to use on my menu.

The Dorset Blue Vinny is produced straight from their own herd of Friesian cows. They do this on the 580 acres on the Stock Estate at Stock Gaylard. The cheese takes over 24 hours to make where they finally add a blue mould penicillin solution. They do this to ensure you get the beautiful blue veins of the cheese. The cheese is also made using a vegetarian rennet. Once the milk has coagulated it is cut up and left to settle overnight where they drain off the whey. It is then cut into blocks and ground and salted. After a few days they are transferred to a ripening room for up to 15 weeks.

My view on Dorset Blue Vinny

The Blue Vinny cheese is crumbly smooth an melts in the mouth with a beautiful creamy colour marbled with beautiful blue veins. I tried it straight from the fridge and also after leaving out for a little bit. After leaving it out for a while to get warm it had a superb strong flavour to it. With The Dorset Blue Vinny I also received some of their Sweet Pickled Cucumber. This was delicious with the Blue Vinny. Lovely slices of cucumber studded with mustard seeds that pop as you bite them. This had a great contrast of sweetness and tartness with the pickling liquid. The Cheese itself would work fantastically with pasta or on some bruschetta. It would also work well with earthy beetroot or even with fruit such as pears. I enjoyed it just simply on a biscuit with a nice glass of red wine!

This is definitely something I will be looking forward to incorporating into my menu over the next few months. If you would like to try this for yourself then please visit their website where you can buy this in various sizes including an incredibly cute Dorset Blue Mini or even in a ceramic pot!


Caterer in Sturminster Newton