Final evening catering Lytes Cary Manor

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Last night was our final evening catering Lytes Cary Manor. We have spent four days with Nancy and her family and friends as a personal chef for them. The menu for their last night needed to have a gluten free option and a cows milk free option also. The menu is below and pictures of some of the dishes.

Menu catering Lytes Cary Manor


Crab salad with lambs lettuce and parsley with a caper cream on the side

Asparagus, broad bean and rocket salad with lemon ricotta


Roast fore rib of beef with cauliflower puree and a pale ale sauce

Chicken breasts with pine nuts, watercress and a white wine herby sauce

Served with crushed herbed new potatoes, sprouting broccoli and roasted beetroot and red onion in balsamic


White chocolate domes filled with blackberry jelly, crème patissiere and almond and polenta cake sprinkled with freeze dried blackberry powder

meringue nests filled with passion fruit curd, crème patissiere and mango

Mini jars filled with blackberry jelly, set vanilla yoghurt and topped with a macadamia crumble

catering lytes cary manor crab salad catering lytes cary manor asparagus lemon riccota broad bean salad catering lytes cary manor white chocolate filled domes lytes cary catering blackberry jelly, set vanila yoghurt To book your on evening contact us 

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