Dinner party-Weston-Super-Mare

On Saturday 10th of September we cooked a special dinner party Weston-Super-Mare. The meal was for one of our regular clients Ross and Ria for Ross’s 40th Birthday. 6 guests joined Ria and Ross to mark the special occasion for a four course meal.

Dinner party Weston-Super-Mare courses


Balsamic tomato and pesto puffs

Crispy chicken with beetroot yoghurt sauce


Filo wrapped mozzarella, beetroot puree, olive tapenade, rocket, shallot marmalade and basil oil

Smoked tomato soup with coriander oil and leaves

Both served with rosemary and sea salt focaccia


Pork belly with pine nut puree, pomme anna, roast squash, pickled carrot, kale and cider sauce

chicken and mushroom pie with squash puree, green beans, bacon with savoy cabbage, pomme anna and a creamy tarragon sauce


Pear cheesecake with pear sorbet

white chocolate dome filled with blackberry jelly, vanilla cream, pistachio sponge, with frozen blackberries and blackberry powdersmoked-tomato-soup-caterer-and-personal-chef-service-that-covers-somerset-and-dorset-including-weymouth-sherborne-bruton-bridport-dorchester-lyme-regis-weston-and-yeovildinner party weston-super-mare pork-belly-caterer-and-personal-chef-service-that-covers-somerset-and-dorset-including-weymouth-sherborne-bruton-bridport-dorchester-lyme-regis-weston-and-yeovildinner party weston-super-mare filo-mozzarella-caterer-and-personal-chef-service-that-covers-somerset-and-dorset-including-weymouth-sherborne-bruton-bridport-dorchester-lyme-regis-weston-and-yeovildinner party weston-super-mare white-chocolate-dome-caterer-and-personal-chef-service-that-covers-somerset-and-dorset-including-weymouth-sherborne-bruton-bridport-dorchester-lyme-regis-weston-and-yeovildinner party weston-super-mare pear-cheesecake-caterer-and-personal-chef-service-that-covers-somerset-and-dorset-including-weymouth-sherborne-bruton-bridport-dorchester-lyme-regis-weston-and-yeovil

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The Great Dorset Chilli Festival

I had a fantastic day at The Great Dorset Chilli Festival yesterday. It is held every year at the beautiful St Giles House and Park in Wimborne St Giles. As a Caterer Dorset it is important I visit events to try out fantastic local food producers and yesterday was no exception. At the festival there is some great suppliers selling everything from chilli plants, seeds, sauces and pastes to ceramics, cheeses, james and chutneys.  There is also some fantastic meat products and I want to share some of my favourites with you.


A great toffee vodka which isn’t too sweet and very smooth. www.toffoc.com


Their Blonde Dressing. It was very smooth and slightly sweet and had a great fruity flavour to it. It would be great with salad or sea food www.gillysfoods.co.uk


I tried a sauce called Beet the Reaper. This sauce is a fantastic purple/red in colour and had a great smoky, earthy flavour to it from the beetroot. Be careful as it has a extremely hot creeping heat. They also do some fantastic chilli oil and a garlic and chilli oil using cold pressed virgin chilli oils. These would be fantastic to use for cooking and in dressings www.thechillees.co.uk

The Cherry Tree-

A fantastic company from North Mills in Dorset with so many great products. From their shop is a fantastic Turkish Delight Curd which was perfumy smooth and creamy. My favourite at their stall is a  beautiful cracked black pepper and garlic cheddar. They sell some fantastic Chutneys, Jams and Marmalades, definitely well recommended. www.cherrytreepreserves.co.uk


Dockwoods smoked goats cheese has to be my favourite product of the day. This paired with the beetroot and red cabbage chutney is absolutely delicious. They use British oak to smoke the goats cheese for 24 hours. It has a great smoky flavour but not overly smoky and is nice and creamy. The chutney is extremely well balanced and has great sweet and sour notes with a hint of coriander seeds coming through. www.Dockwoods.co.uk

The Cold Pressed Oil Company-

The Cold Pressed Oil Company has a fantastic rosemary and garlic infused rapeseed oil which tastes beautiful. It has great bold flavours and is great for roast potatoes and drizzled over new potatoes or peas. www.coldpressedoil.co.uk

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