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Wild Boar salami, Chorizo and game salami

Today I had the great pleasure of trying some great British Charcuterie. As a caterer in Yeovil I am always looking for great local produce to use throughout my meals. The Real Boar Co ethically farm their Boar in 20 acres of woodlands in the Cotswolds. Their Charcuterie is made in the Cotswolds and in the South West.  It is found in many delis, hotels and restaurant all across Great Britain.

I was supplied with a mixed pack of Charcuterie. It contained a Wild Boar Salami, a Wild Boar Chorizo and a Game Salami. On opening the packet it had a very tempting aroma. The Game Salami is a mix of Wild Boar, Pork and venison which has a great flavour to it. The Wild Boar Salami had a great richness to it. There is a very nice herby flavour which complimented the flavour of the Boar and had a great marbling of fat through the salami. My favourite has to be the Wild boar Chorizo though. It has a similar underlying flavour as the salami but with an added addition of a bit of spice.

I can think of so many ways to use this incredible product, in pasta, in salads, or just on its own with a glass of wine. It is clear to see why they have won so many awards.

To purchase your own please visit their website it is definitely worth it!


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