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About Tiger Gin

I got to sample Tiger Gin today. JJ Lawrence makes this in Shropshire and his passion is, well, gin. From this he was intrigued by the idea of making it himself. He managed to find a local distiller to help him create, “The most beautiful gin in the world!”.  For my personal chef experience evenings this gin would be perfect for cocktails as it is so smooth.

On opening the bottle you are hit by the strong scent of juniper. I poured the gin over ice and took a sip. The gin has a syrupy feel on the tongue. On the taste there is that strong juniper flavour as with the scent. On their website it says there is botanicals, spices and grains that go into the process of making the gin. The strong flavour of juniper does dominate but there is also a very complex flavour to the gin. I can get a hint of orange but can’t quite make out the other flavours.

How I would use Tiger Gin

The flavour of the gin is stunning and they suggest serving it with tonic water over ice with a slice of lemon. For a personal chef experience night, I would use it in many cocktails. There is one my new menu, the plum and thyme prosecco smash. Alternatively, you could mix it with some crushed fresh blackberries, a little sugar, a squeeze of half a lemon over. Then top up with ice and add tonic water for another autumnal cocktail. Another great cocktail would be to use some apple juice, a shot of gin over ice and top up with ginger ale.

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